Halo TV Series Already Renewed For Second Season By Paramount

Halo TV Series Already Renewed For Second Season By Paramount

Matt Lorrigan

The upcoming Halo TV series has already been ordered for a second season, Paramount has announced.

Halo's first season won't begin streaming on Paramount+ until 24th March 2022, but that hasn't stopped Paramount from ordering a second season of the sci-fi show, which sees iconic characters such as Master Chief, Cortana, and Dr. Catherine Halsey brought to life in live action for the first time.

We got our first proper look at Halo in a trailer last month, which garnered a somewhat mixed reaction from fans. Of particular note was Cortana, who is thankfully being voiced by the familiar tones of Jen Taylor, but didn't appear quite as blue as we might have expected. Still, it's always a bit exciting to see our favourite video games brought to life in a different medium - let's just hope the first season is good enough to justify a second.

If you're only really interested in Halo as a video game, however, you can check out our review of Halo Infinite here.

  • MC not sounding like MC is the biggest mistake imo. Cortana changed pretty much game to game so that part I’m used to now somewhat.

    I’m usually pretty forgiving with these game movies but when it comes to something I love all has to be perfect or it won’t work.

    Will expectation low to hopefully be somewhat surprised;-)
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