Battlefield 2042 Failure to Meet Expectations Partly Attributed to Halo Infinite Comparisons

Battlefield 2042 Failure to Meet Expectations Partly Attributed to Halo Infinite Comparisons

Richard Walker

EA has placed partial blame on the release of Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042's disappointing launch, citing comparisons made between the two games as one of the reasons for the game falling short of expectations.

According to EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele, Battlefield 2042 and developer DICE "failed to meet the expectations of our players, and also clearly missed our own expectations". During a ‘Town Hall’ meeting with EA employees, Miele also apportioned blame upon the pandemic, which impacted development, as well as DICE's level of ambition for the game.

Miele noted that after DICE rolled out the Day 1 update for Battlefield 2042, "the game was stable" and "the early critical reception was good", but Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer being compared to BF 2042, the former generally acknowledged as the more polished experience, didn't help matters.

Indeed, Battlefield 2042 has been patched multiple times since its launch in November 2021, the most recent of which was patch 3.2 last month, but it appears that damage may have already been done. Season One has also been pushed into summer, and EA has previously expressed its disappointment in Battlefield 2042, and its failure to meet expectations.

It'll be interesting to see how EA approaches future instalments in the Battlefield series, taking into account the performance of Battlefield 2042.

[Xfire via Eurogamer]

  • I encountered a glitch back in release week that prevented me from spawning back haven't played since, waiting for bugs to be fixed so I returned
  • @Scardro

    Yeah but that was Halo's fault though. You just don't get it.
  • @wingcommander,

    I've been doing some deep, deep investigative work, and it turns out that BF 2042 didn't meet expectations because my mail carrier delivered on the even numbered side of the street some time ago in January.
  • It's Halo's fault. Good one.
  • Think you should do the finger pointing at your damn selves, this “press release” or whatever you want to call it, is just as bad of a choice as the game itself.

    Whoever is running things over there is not the brightest ( looking at you Laura Miele ) start from the top and remove anyone else ruining this franchise.
  • I think you’re right. This starts at the top.
  • Burnt my toast this morning. Clearly Halo Infinite's fault.
  • Sorry guys. This ones on me. I dropped the ball, Halo is not to blame.
  • The game is now playable and fun at least. I play almost every night.
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