GTA Online Has Certain Vehicles That Can Now Be Upgraded With 'Imani Tech'

GTA Online Has Certain Vehicles That Can Now Be Upgraded With 'Imani Tech'

Richard Walker

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update is available now, offering upgrades for eligible vehicles using cutting-edge Imani Tech, like the Remote Control Unit or Missile Lock-On Jammer. You can outfit either upgrade at a 25% discount in the Agency Vehicle Workshop, which also happens to be 30% off all week.

You can upgrade the discounted Enus Deity (40% off), Enus Jubilee (30% off), and Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec (30% off), as well as the Buffalo STX, Dewbauchee Baller ST, and Dewbauchee Champion as per The Contract expansion, while contacting Imani in Freemode will activate her Out of Sight service. That way, you can hide from enemy radar.

If you're here for the regular GTA Online bonuses, then you'll find them in abundance this week, with 3x GTA$ and RP for playing The Vespucci Job, the free Weeny Issi for said mission available via Southern San Andreas Super Autos through 23rd February, and a 50% bonus payout to be had on Vehicle Cargo Sales.

Triple rewards on Open Wheel Races are also live for the next seven days, as is 2x GTA$ and RP on Time Trials; double pay for Bodyguards and Associates; the Mammoth Tee, Black Tiny Oversize Shades, or Street Crimes Logo Tee as freebies for completing a Business Battle; and the usual selection of prizes to be won.

At the LS Car Meet, the latest Prize Ride is the Truffade Nero, your for placing top three in a Pursuit Race for five consecutive days; while the Dewbauchee Specter, Truffade Nero, and Weeny Issi Sport are all waiting for you on the Test Track. Head to The Diamond Casino & Resort, and you could be driving away in the Ocelot Penetrator with a spin of the Lucky Wheel.

Finally, there are discounts aplenty this week, with 30% off Vehicle Warehouses joined by 30% off the Weeny Issi Classic, Weeny Issi Sport,  Truffade Nero, and Progen Itali GTB, alongside 25% off the Annis Elegy Retro Custom, Progen Itali GTB Custom, Pegassi FCR 1000 Custom, and Truffade Nero Custom, and 20% off the Benefactor BR8 and Progen PR4.

Prime Gaming members can claim another GTA$100K just for playing anytime this week, too. All of the above is available now in Grand Theft Auto Online until 23rd February.

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