Sea of Thieves 'The Arena' Achievements and Windows Phone Achievement Support to Be Discontinued Soon

Sea of Thieves 'The Arena' Achievements and Windows Phone Achievement Support to Be Discontinued Soon

Richard Walker

Having declared that Arena mode will be removed from Sea of Thieves as part of its plans for 2022, Rare has confirmed further details on when the PvP portion of the game will no longer be available, taking any corresponding achievements with it in the process. The developer had considered repurposing Arena's achievements, but to no avail.

“After thorough investigation, we were unable to find a fair and elegant way to repurpose the Arena-centric achievements for use in Sea of Thieves’ sandbox Adventure mode,” Rare writes. “We were unwilling to compromise in a way that would disrespect the efforts of players who fully met the original criteria, so alongside retiring The Arena as a game mode, we will also be retiring the accompanying achievements.”

As such, objectives related to The Arena will be marked as Legacy Achievements, once the mode is taken out of Sea of Thieves at the beginning of Season Six on 10th March, to make way for new Adventure content. The following achievements will hence forth become unobtainable:

  • Master of the Arena - Awarded to pirates who purchase the Arena Master Sea Dogs Promotion, available only to those who have hit level 50 in the Sea Dogs Trading Company.
  • Glorious Sea Dog - Awarded to pirates who purchase the Glorious Sea Dogs Hat, Jacket, Hook and Gloves – items only available to those who’ve unlocked the Professional Sea Dog Grade V Commendation.

Furthermore, achievements will no longer be supported on Windows Phone devices from 16th May 2022, as outlined in a Microsoft support post (via TA). “Xbox features will no longer be supported on Windows Phone devices. As part of this change, earning achievements will be retired on Windows Phone devices,” the article states.

"Xbox-related features will have limited to no functionality", and although you'll still be able to play some games locally, "progress will not be recorded to your Xbox profile." This means that thousands of achievements across roughly 300 games will become unobtainable in just under three months' time.

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  • So a new player shouldn’t even go for them. :(
  • No idea why they added a pvp mode to begin with when 99% of the playerbase treats the game like it's pvp already.
  • Why oh why oh why don't they get all the windows phone games compatible on other devices now..

    I adored my Windows phone, but once the app developers started jumping ship, it was my time to hang it up (still got my lumia 830 as well)..
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