Dragon Age 4 Reportedly in 'Good Shape' For 2023 Release, No Plans for Dragon Age Trilogy Remaster

Dragon Age 4 Reportedly in 'Good Shape' For 2023 Release, No Plans for Dragon Age Trilogy Remaster

Richard Walker

Dragon Age 4 is apparently progressing well at BioWare, according to reports, suggesting that the game could be on target for release in late 2023. This also lends credence to reports from last month, that the game has “no chance” of coming out this year.

According to VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb (via VGC), Dragon Age 4 “is in very good shape”, and coming along nicely. “Overall, when [BioWare] look at where they’re supposed to be at [in the development cycle], they are hitting their milestones and where they’re supposed to be, and the game is on schedule,” he said.

He added that Dragon Age 4 is “at least 18 months out”, so is unlikely to make early 2023, rather “late 2023, maybe”, is more plausible, as per his sources. “That seems to be the earliest you can begin to expect it,” Grubb added, stating that a Dragon Age series remaster in the same vein as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition isn't on the cards as a stopgap.

This is apparently due to the Dragon Age games being less connected as a series with a single narrative through-line like Mass Effect, and each instalment also using different engines. Work on a Dragon Age Trilogy (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Inquisition) remaster would therefore be far more complicated an undertaking than the Mass Effect one was.

At present, Dragon Age 4 (or ‘The Next Dragon Age’, as it's also been dubbed) details are relatively sparse, beyond confirmation of Solas' return, and that the game will be set in the land of Tevinter. Planned Dragon Age 4 multiplayer content may have also been nixed, although nothing on that front has been officially confirmed.

Here's hoping we get some more concrete info on Dragon Age 4 soon.

  • I wouldn't say remaster all 3 games but definitely the 1st game should be remastered
  • "No plans for Dragon Age remaster" Yeah I remember when they said that about Mass Effect, too.
  • No plans to remaster the original games is trash mentality. I hate the fact they're so stupid it took them so long to remaster Mass Effect when that's all the hardcore fans really wanted for years. I guarantee if they took a poll from Dragon Age fans there's an overwhelming majority that would want Origins to be remastered. The game is one of my all time favorites. But even on PC with mods, it shows it's age. It definitely would benefit in a huge way from some modernization.

    I also love DA2. I know a lot of people don't. But it'd be nice to have it brought up to modern standards. And Inquisition never got a current gen patch. So that would be well appreciated as well. It already looked pretty nice on the One X. But with the Series X's massively power bump, it'd be great to see the improved performance they could get out of it.

    On the positive front, I'm glad they're making good progress on 4. I hope they manage to get it completed and optimized for next year. And that they don't allow EA to force them to rush it out unfinished.
  • Remaster game so you can buy them again.
  • @bullock3 Remaster games so you can play in quality that doesn't make your eyes bleed. Xbox 360 titles that run at blurry 720p and sub 30 fps at times can be modernized to run on current hardware at native 4K and 60 fps is a game changing experience worth every cent. If you already liked a game, playing again by current year hardware standards will blow your mind. Don't want to buy it again? Then don't play. Everyone wins.
  • @BloodGodAlucard And let's not forget a whole new achievement list to boot.
  • Yeah Zenka that's a huge bonus. I love to have the chance to get all the achievements again in a game I love. It's fun and really gives you the motivation to do a 100% run. :)
  • Inquisition could use a remaster in certain environment textures. up close certain textures look super blurry, like foliage and rocks.
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