Rainbow Six Extraction 'Spillover' Crisis Event Now Available for a Limited Time Alongside Operator Zofia

Rainbow Six Extraction 'Spillover' Crisis Event Now Available for a Limited Time Alongside Operator Zofia

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that the first Crisis Event for Rainbow Six Extraction is available now, offering a limited-time event in which you'll face “large-scale threats” within the Containment Zone. Titled ‘Spillover’, the Crisis Event will have you planting ‘Dissolution Agent canisters’ to coax out waves of enemies and wipe them out.

Logging in and fending off the hordes of Archæan aliens will offer the chance to unlock the exclusive new deployable Auto-Turret REACT tech, while Zofia is also now available as part of the Extraction roster. Zofia makes the jump to Rainbow Six Extraction with her Grenade Launcher, which, combined with REACT tech can boost your chances of a successful incursion.

Representing the first of many free post-launch Crisis Events to come, Spillover is available in Rainbow Six Extraction now, alongside new Operator, Zofia, and new cosmetic rewards to earn. Rainbow Six Extraction is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Luna, and PC.

  • Had two solid sessions on Extraction with some buddies and we all uninstalled with no intention to ever go back. Not a terrible game but hardly fun either.
  • I thought the game was quite fun in co-op. I didn't know what to expect going in and had low expectations. I figured it was worth a look for a Gamepass game. Had fun with buddies and playing with randoms. It was different. You have to think and be smart.
  • Game is extremly easy and very dull the concept is nothing new to gaming, also when you finish missions it's leaves you empty and their is no fulfillment it seems pointless to play, even if you're a hardcore Rainbow Six fan this game is just boring I been playing Rainbow Six since the original on N64 and Dreamcast and this game has missed the mark
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