Street Fighter 6 Announced With a Teaser Trailer, No Platforms Confirmed As Yet

Street Fighter 6 Announced With a Teaser Trailer, No Platforms Confirmed As Yet

Richard Walker

Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter 6, as suspected upon launching its teaser countdown website last week. Whether the game will be coming to Xbox, though, is currently anyone's guess, since Street Fighter V skipped Microsoft platforms.

“Street Fighter 6, the next evolution of the renowned Street Fighter series which has sold more than 47 million units since it charged onto the scene 35 years ago, is now in development,” Capcom's announcement blurb reads. And that's about it terms of any kind of detail.

The teaser trailer, meanwhile, shows new SF V character Luke going up against Ryu, but stops short of confirming which platforms Street Fighter 6 will actually be coming to. However, Capcom does confirm that “more news” on the game will be dropping in summer 2022. We'll know more then.

  • Ryu got some weird tittays.

    But yeah this will be trash.
  • I feel like they still haven’t learned a large part of why marvel vs capcom infinite failed was the wonky character models, emphasis on “part” as there were other things too. I heard they were debating making the character models more realistic in SF6 but these two don’t inspire confidence.
  • Want to be excited but the trailer did very little for me. Similar to Alex in SF3, I don't care about Luke. Hopefully, once I see some gameplay, new mechanics, etc, I'll come around, and if not, I don't think I care all that much. I've played fighters all my life and think I'm a bit over them at this point. My main concern is that SF6 will release bare-bones as 5 did. Maybe I'm just upset that I'm passing over KoF15 while waiting patiently for Elden Ring?
  • @Bunglist trash? really? from barely a teaser trailer? Stop being such a negative man baby.
  • @KrisXX no, I'm basing it on SF5 and Capcoms statement that "luke is the future of SF". Stop being such a presumptuous man baby.
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