Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Enters the Virtual Kitchen in October 2022

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Enters the Virtual Kitchen in October 2022

Richard Walker

Publisher Nacon and developer Cyanide have announced Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator, the latest entry in Nacon's ‘LIFE’ simulation series, which includes Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator. Chef Life is due for release this October.

Made in collaboration with the Michelin Guide, Chef Life will feature management and simulation components, as you adopt the life of restaurateur, honing you cooking skills in the kitchen, while managing your team and making decisions outside of it.

Aiming to “recreate the true life of a restaurateur”, you'll need to get the best quality ingredients to create the best possible dishes, which then need to be served quickly and efficiently, and all within budget.

The game will also include a raft of customisation options, enabling you to choose the look of your avatar, various kitchen components, restaurant decor, and the menu you offer to your paying clientele from more than 80 French and Italian dishes.

Ultimately, you'll want your restaurant to be successful enough to garner a Michelin Star, with a ranking system keeping track of your restaurant's ambition and excellence. Only the best restaurants are worthy of such an accolade.

You'll be able to rustle up some good grub and build the restaurant of your dreams when Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on 7th October 2022.

  • Where's Hotel Life? It got delayed from August to January and I've not found any updates about it's release date!
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