2K Games and LEGO Reportedly Partnering For Line of LEGO Sports Games

2K Games and LEGO Reportedly Partnering For Line of LEGO Sports Games

Richard Walker

2K Games and LEGO are reportedly set to create a line of LEGO sports games, according to rumours, which could see an end to Warner Bros. and TT Games' long-running LEGO game exclusivity deal.

The rumoured agreement would extend to a multi-game deal, with the first title to be a football/soccer title developer by Sumo Digital, according to VGC. Apparently, the new partnership could form part of LEGO's plans to expand its gaming output.

An "open world driving game with a major license" could also be in the offing, with WWE 2K22 and NBA 2K studio Visual Concepts on development duties. It's thought that Sumo's footie game could launch in 2022 to coincide with this year's FIFA World Cup, while Visual Concepts' racing could follow in 2023.

A third LEGO game based upon another major sports franchise may also be on 2K's slate, with all three planned titles potentially set to include guest characters from popular brands like Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, and others. Approached by VGC for official comment, however, LEGO Group responded, stating: “We do not comment on speculation about future products or partnerships.”

Meanwhile, TT Games is planning to release LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on 5th April, and should the 2K and LEGO deal prove to be a thing, it wouldn't necessarily preclude TT Games from developing further LEGO titles in the future. Nothing official regarding a partnership between 2K Games and LEGO has been announced as yet.

  • Can’t be any worse than what EA produces.
  • This is the most early 2000s news I've heard since 2004. Sign me up.
  • This could be amazing if executed properly
  • Right when I thought it couldn't get any worse.
  • No doubt they will have lootboxes and micro transactions as well since every sport games has them now. Looks like Lego games are getting worst not better
  • As a huge LEGO fan this could be interesting but I'm skeptical, hopefully they'll be good. Could be fun especially if they do incorporate their other licences as fun characters etc
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