Xbox Now Lets You Stream Directly to Twitch

Xbox Now Lets You Stream Directly to Twitch

Matt Lorrigan

Microsoft is making it easier to stream directly to Twitch from your Xbox, via a new update across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Following the update, if you head to the Capture and Share tab on the Xbox Guide, you can select Live Streaming. Once your Twitch account is linked up on Xbox, you can choose the “Go Live Now” option and instantly begin streaming games that are downloaded on your Xbox console.

Players can also plug in their headset and webcam, manage audio levels, set their stream title, and even choose resolution and bitrate, all directly from the Xbox via Live Streaming Options. You can even switch between games mid-stream, and Twitch will update automatically with the new game you're playing.

You can download the update on Xbox now, and there's even more Twitch features coming to Xbox in the near future.

  • Does anyone have a webcam they recommend using with the Series X? Thanks.
  • I'll stick to the app for now.

    I've been streaming from the app for over 2 years and it's mostly good. It does have an annoying bug on Series X [maybe S too, but i don't have one] which causes crackling and popping to start after a random amount of time [no effect on you, but your viewers will hear it.]

    The solution to that being to switch from game, to app and back to game, but then it will start again after another random amount of time.

    This bug only seems to affect games with the Optimised for Series X|S label.

    That said, it's still better than the new sidebar broadcasting to twitch, as when i used that my audio [game and mic] was cutting out at random [also unnoticeable for you, but noticeable for the viewers.]

    I had hoped that this partnership would lead to a much better broadcasting experience, but so far it has not.
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