Martha is Dead, LKA's Disturbing First-Person Psychological Thriller, is Out Now For Xbox

Martha is Dead, LKA's Disturbing First-Person Psychological Thriller, is Out Now For Xbox

Richard Walker

Recommended for an adult audience, Martha is Dead, the mature psychological thriller from Town of Light developer LKA, is now available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Set in Italy during 1944, Martha is Dead features a warped reality amid the tragedy of World War II, and depicts disturbing scenes of dismemberment, disfigurement, and self-harm.

“Martha Is Dead was always the natural next step for LKA after The Town of Light. The game builds upon our signature style of deep, multi-layered narratives to deliver a story that explores loss, relationships, and psychological distress, all while the mass hysteria that was the latter years of the Second World War plays out in the background," says LKA Director and founder Luca Dalcò.

“It’s been a long journey for everyone here at LKA - one specifically tied to the countryside around us and the history behind it - but we think it’s been worth it,” he added.

Opening in the depths of bucolic rural Italy, as Allied and Axis fighting has transformed the nation into “a pincered playground”, Martha is Dead's events unfold following the discovery of the eponymous young woman, washed up on the shores of a lake. As her twin sister, you'll have to confront the aftermath of Martha's murder, as the horrors of war close in around her.

Martha is Dead is out now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC priced $29.99/£24.99/€29.99. On PlayStation, certain disturbing scenes have been censored or made non-interactive, but on Xbox and PC, the game is uncensored and fully interactive. You can check out the Martha is Dead launch trailer below.

  • why would a game be censored on 1 platform but not another, truly bizarre
  • Sony are censor happy little babies, that’s why
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