Fortnite's Latest Marvel Outfits Are Star-Crossed X-Men Couple Rogue and Gambit

Fortnite's Latest Marvel Outfits Are Star-Crossed X-Men Couple Rogue and Gambit

Richard Walker

Fortnite's latest Marvel additions have arrived, expanding the X-Men team with former villains turned heroes Gambit and Rogue, aka Remy LeBeau and Anna Marie. Rogue & Gambit Set items are now available via Fortnite's Item Shop, alongside their matching accessories.

Rogue's outfits comes bundled with the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Back Bling (a green X-Men logo, basically), while her a Holo X-Axe “from the walls of the Danger Room”, The Blackbird Glider, and Hands Off! Emote are available to purchase separately or as part of the Rogue & Gambit Gear Bundle.

Gambit, meanwhile, comes with Kinetic Cards Back Bling, and his separate gear includes LeBeau's Bo Pickaxe (Gambit's trademark staff), a Suit Surfer Glider, and Deal 'Em Out Emote. Again, you can purchase each item separately, or get them with the Rogue & Gambit Gear Bundle.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Rogue & Gambit Bundle and get the lot, as well as the Rogue & Gambit Loading Screen. You can get Rogue and Gambit in Fortnite now, joining Marvel stablemates Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and fellow X-Men Phoenix, Wolverine, and Storm.

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