Slitterhead Will Have a Story Told From Multiple Viewpoints, New Bokeh Q&A Video Reveals

Slitterhead Will Have a Story Told From Multiple Viewpoints, New Bokeh Q&A Video Reveals

Richard Walker

Slitterhead, the bonkers-looking horror title and first project from Bokeh Game Studio (a team comprising former Silent Hill devs), will feature a narrative that will apparently unfold from multiple perspectives, according to a new Q&A video released by the developer.

The first in a two-part series, the video sees Bokeh CEO Keiichiro Toyama, Game Director Junya Okura, and Producer Kazunobu Sato chatting about its bizarre project, which will apparently walk a line between action and horror. Slitterhead won't “fully enter the horror genre," says Toyama, as per a transcription by Gematsu (via VideoGamer).

“(Slitterhead) spans multiple genres where horror is expressed,” Toyama explains. “From there, I wanted to widen the player base who could access the game, including players who don’t usually play horror games. I wanted a game that could be enjoyed for its action, yet whose concept doesn’t solely revolve around killing enemies.”

Like the team's previous work on Gravity Rush and Silent Hill, Slitterhead will be a third-person action experience, according to Okura, although you won't necessarily see events from a single character's viewpoint. Forbidden Siren is cited as an example (another game members of the team worked on), with multiple perspectives available via its ‘sight-jack’ mechanic.

“Forbidden Siren had the sight-jack mechanic, a literal way to go through another point of view,” Toyama elaborated. “There were also multiple playable characters who brought their perspective to the story, so I feel there are multiple layers to this question. Nevertheless, I believe this is an aspect that I am comfortable with. I believe that I naturally tend to go towards that direction. It’s also present in the game, so please look forward to it.”

We will also please look forward to the second part of the Slitterhead Q&A video, due next week. Slitterhead has yet to be given a release date or confirmed platforms. Watch this space, perhaps through a sight-jack mechanic or something.

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