UK Retail Charts: Elden Ring Gallops Straight to Number One

UK Retail Charts: Elden Ring Gallops Straight to Number One

Matt Lorrigan

It's Monday moring, and the UK retail charts are in, with Elden Ring jumping straight to number one this week on Xbox.

Elden Ring deservedly takes the number one spot on Xbox Series X|S, with Dying Light 2 making way at number two. Forza Horizon 5 and Far Cry 6 sit and number three and four, while GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition comes back into the top ten at number five. This week's other new release, GRID Legends, only managed to crack the top ten at number eight, ahead of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Over on Xbox One, there's no Elden Ring or GRID Legends, since all of their sales across both Xbox consoles are counted within the Series X|S charts. Instead, we've got the usual suspects at the top, with Call of Duty, GTA, FIFA, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Rust makes a surprise appearance at number five, however, climbing fifteen places up the charts, while Battlefield 2042 also makes a resurgence up to number eight.

You can check out both charts in full down below, and you can read our Elden Ring review right here.

Xbox Series X|S Charts: Week Ending 26th February 2022


Xbox One Charts: Week Ending 26th February 2022


Chart Information provided by UKIE/GfK Chart-Track

  • Hey
  • Dean, did you make ANOTHER account?

    On topic, love ER. 10/10 game for me. Spending about 10 hours a day playing it and still find new things almost every hour.

    Looks great, plays great. Awesome.
  • @Dirty130 - it's a bit bloody good right?
  • @Matt - It's actually very hard to pull away from. I don't usually have that problem but damn if I've had a few dinners go cold the last couple of nights, lol.

    I don't call you names, Blue, so please refrain from calling me British! :P
  • @BLuenGoldEel - I haven't encountered any real technical issues, bar a lack of networked play to begin with.

    If all you're reading is about technical issues (which shouldn;t be simply discounted, I should say) then you're actively looking for them. The general buzz around ER is almost universally positive, and for good reason.

    And 'fugly' graphics? It's subjective, of course, but the art design in Souls games and ER is incredible.
  • He's just a salty gamer. No ifs buts or maybes.
  • You sure whine a lot.
  • *Whining contintues
  • @Blue n Gold

    "All i've read is the technical issues going on with the game" - I'm not disputing that there may ahve been technicla issues. There are still many, primarily around the PC launch, which is what the apology addressed.

    I'm disputing the quote above. It's got a 97 aggregate metcritic score, following 58 reviews. The buzz has been palpable with scores of articles talking abour various aspects of it.

    If 'all you've read' is negative, or about the technical issues at launch, then you are wilfully ignoring the positive press.

    You're your own person, and if you dig the negativity and opportunity to shit on a particularly popular release then you go ahead and sound off.
  • Think he's just a negative person who spews negativity on the daily. Never seen a single positive comment from him. It's just whining. Every. Time.
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