Digimon Survive Gets New Details But No New Release Date Yet

Digimon Survive Gets New Details But No New Release Date Yet

Matt Lorrigan

Bandai Namco released new details on upcoming tactical title Digimon Survive during Digimon Con 2022 over the weekend, although we've still not got a final release date.

In a Q&A session, Digimon Survive producer Kazumasa Habu spoke about the many delays faced by the game, explaining that much of the game had to be reworked due to a change in the development team. Habu apologised for the delay, and said they would appreciate it that fans “could wait a little longer” while the release date information is still being adjusted internally. However, he did say that the development team were “now able to be back on track getting closer and closer to the completion of the game”.

In the extensive Q&A session, Habu also said that the game's story and world was “a little darker”, with the game's target audience being adult Digimon fans and long-time core fans.

Digimon Survive is also described as being part visual novel, and part tactical battles, with the ratio described as 70% visual novel, to 30% tactics. There will be twelve chapters to play through, with three different routes available from chapter eight onwards - “Morality”, “Harmony”, or “Rage”. When players finish any one of these routes, a secret fourth route will become available.

Habu estimates that each route will take around 40 hours to complete, with 80-100 hours needed to complete all routes, as well as all challenges and end-game content. 

Digimon Survive will feature 113 different monsters, with Habu prioritising a selection of different Digimon that give a “sense of wildlife”, from early monsters, to monsters that have appeared since the release of the Digimon Pendulum. The game will also feature a New Game + mode, with higher difficulty dungeon battles.

Habu also spoke about the future of Digimon video games, and was asked about the possibility of porting the Digimon games release for Bandai's Japan-only WonderSwan console. The producer mentioned that he is interested in porting the titles, but that his proposal to Bandai Namco wasn't successful. Habu also said he is considering a port of the original Digimon World game, as well as new titles in the Digimon World series. However, there are no plans currently to produce a sequel to the Cyber Sleuth or Hacker's Memory Digimon games.

Digimon Survive is due to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022.

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