FIFA 23 Will Reportedly Finally Include Crossplay Across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

FIFA 23 Will Reportedly Finally Include Crossplay Across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Matt Lorrigan

FIFA 23 will include cross-platform multiplayer, according to industry insider Tom Henderson, writing for Xfire.

The next game in EA's long-running football franchise (which might not even be called FIFA this year) won't be going free-to-play, according to Henderson, but will be including crossplay for the first time in the franchise's history. This would mean that players across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be able to play together for the first time.

Henderson also reports that FIFA 23 will include both of men's and women's World Cups, and will include several women's football leagues for the first time, including the English FA Women's Super League, the German Frauen-Bundesliga, the US National Women's Soccer League, and the French Division 1 Féminine. Previous FIFA titles have included top international players and teams, but this would mark the first year that full women's leagues are introduced.

FIFA 22's HyperMotion tech has also reportedly been improved, allowing the developer to capture animations from real footballers and matches using only the stadium cameras, with no need for Xsens suits. As such, the FIFA team have apparently been able to capture “over 100 times more data in a single league season than they have ever captured in the franchise's entire 29-year history”.

Henderson has an excellent track record when it comes to information regarding unreleased EA titles, and correctly reported on several Battlefield 2042 features ahead of official announcements. However, as with all rumours and reports, it's best to take this with a slight pinch of salt, as always.

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