Little Orpheus Was Meant to Launch Today, But Has Been Delayed

Little Orpheus Was Meant to Launch Today, But Has Been Delayed

Matt Lorrigan

Publisher Secret Mode has announced that the release of Little Orpheus, the latest game from Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room, has been delayed.

“In light of recent world events, today's PC and console launch of Little Orpheus will be delayed,” said Secret Mode in a statement. “While Little Orpheus was originally released on Apple Arcade in June 2020, and does not directly reference real world events, we recognise some of the game's themes and content may be upsetting to players at this time.”

Originally released on Apple Arcade back in 2020, Little Orpheus follows a Soviet cosmonaut in 1962, who travels to the centre of the earth in a nuclear-powered exploration capsule. The game's Steam description mentions that the cosmonaut “lost the atomic bomb powering the Little Orpheus” and that he is debriefed by “the fearsome General Yurkovoi, a man so frightening even Stalin won’t buy him a drink”. There's also talk of “bringing socialism to subterranean worlds”.

While the game is clearly meant to be comical and light-hearted, it appears Secret Mode is unhappy with the idea of launching a game with such strong Russian and Soviet Union themes, during Russia's current invasion of Ukraine.

“We thank you for your understanding and will share more information at a later point,” said the publisher.

The gaming industry has been reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with This War of Mine developer 11 Bit Studios donating profits to the Ukrainian Red Cross, while Embracer Group has donated $1 million to humanitarian causes in support of Ukraine.

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