Battlefield 2042 Developer Asks For Player Feedback on its Map Designs

Battlefield 2042 Developer Asks For Player Feedback on its Map Designs

Matt Lorrigan

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has put out the call to players to provide feedback on several aspects of the game's multiplayer maps.

Map design is one of the first key areas of focus for the developer, after it reaffirmed its commitment to “bring the game up to the highest standards that we all hold for the franchise” last month.

DICE has identified five main topics surrounding Battlefield 2042's map design that it is requesting feedback for in a new blog post - traversal, intensity, line of sight, paths, and cover. Each of these subjects has drawn criticism in some of the game's maps, with 128-player modes proving too intense during pushes for the objective, and traversal across the game's large maps proving slow and long, with too many opportunities to be sniped from afar, and too little cover to help address that.

In the blog post, DICE has offered up a few examples of work-in-progress improvements, coming to the Kaleidoscope map in particular, based on player feedback, including moving objectives closer to the defending base spawn.

However, the developer wants further player feedback on all of these topics, with threads for feedback set up on the official Battlefield forums. The developer has said it will address the feedback later in March, and let players know how it will be acting on it.

“Lastly, we’d like to end with once again stating our dedication to the continued effort of improving on, and delivering new content for Battlefield 2042. We don’t take you, our players, for granted, and we truly appreciate your feedback and continued post-launch support now that we’re on the road to Season 1,” said Community Lead Freeman.

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  • Just bring back the way Bad Company maps were set up.

    But mainly bring back the 100% destruction. You should be able to shoot a rocket at a walk and make your own way inside anywhere you want.

    You should be able to bring down buildings on top of people why any of this amazing shit got taken out of the games completely goggles the mind.

    If it was possible to do on the damn 360 theirs absolutely no reason why it can’t be done even better now.
  • Wall** not walk
  • Boggles*** not goggles

    …I truly had auto correct.
  • I think part of it is player tactics too. Or lack of thinking about tactics. So few gamers use smoke grenades in matches I’ve played in. I run smoke and ammo crate as a medic. I toss smokes and pick up the dummies just rushing into the sniper fire in the open fields. I rarely die doing it. Can’t hit what you can’t see.
    Toss smoke- advance. Restock. Toss smoke on top of 4 downed guys. Revive them.
  • Just remake BFBC1&2 and most of us will be happy.
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