Haven Gets a New Update Adding Option to Play as Same Sex Couple

Haven Gets a New Update Adding Option to Play as Same Sex Couple

Richard Walker

Developer The Game Bakers has released a free update for Haven today, enabling you to play as a same sex couple, if you'd like. Originally, the romantic spacefaring adventure had you playing as a female and male Yu and Kay, but via the new update, you can play as alternate versions of Yu and Kay in a same sex couple.

As two women, the game offers an alternate version of Kay, while playing as two men features an alternate version of Yu, as showcased in the trailer below. The game's story remains the same, however, as lovers Yu and Kay fight to stay together in a world that wants to tear them apart.

“Haven is about the freedom to love whomever you want,” said Creative Director Emeric Thoa. “From the very early days of conception, we had created several couples for the game, with a diverse range of relationships. But the constraints of our indie team production made us focus on Yu and Kay only. After the game launch, we wanted to go back and work on this update. We hope that many players will feel better represented in the game.”

While Haven's narrative is unchanged by the update, two new actors have been brought in to record 80,000 lines of dialogue for the new takes on Yu and Kay, and new character models and art have been introduced. The free Couples Update is available now for Haven on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

Haven is also currently available at a limited 40% off discount on the Microsoft Store.

  • Loved this game! Says a lot that you can swap out any combination of genders and the story will still work perfectly. :)
  • I never played this game but lesbian life coming up
  • I gave this a quick go for a Game Pass quest at some point and didn't mind the small amount I sampled.
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