GTA Online Has Multiple Bonuses on Payphone Hits All This Week

GTA Online Has Multiple Bonuses on Payphone Hits All This Week

Richard Walker

There are loads of bonuses for freelance assassins in Grand Theft Auto Online this week, completing a Payphone Hit launched from your Agency rewarding you with an extra 50% GTA$ and RP. Once you've got a first hit under your belt, you can call Franklin from Freemode for another, and completing any optional Assassination Bonuses will offer a higher payout.

Should you successfully tackle three Payphone Hits during the next seven days, you'll also bag a GTA$200K bonus, while Franklin will helpfully furnish you with a free Supply Stash in Freemode, containing grenades, sticky bombs, ammo, armour, and health. Other bonuses await in Gerald's Last Play Missions and Running Back (Remix) mode, both of which has 2x GTA$ and RP available.

There are triple rewards on Business Battles and Criminal Damage events in Freemode, too, and the LS Car Meet has a Prize Ride for the taking, as ever. This week, it's the Dinka Sugoi, yours for placing in the top three of five Pursuit Races in a row. Should you wish to sample the Dinka Sugoi before you attempt to win it, you can do so on the LS Car Meet Test Track, alongside the Annis S80RR, and Albany V-STR.

On the podium at The Diamond Casino & Resort, the Vapid Flash GT hatchback is the latest Lucky Wheel star prize, and, if you fail to win anything, there are always discounts to take advantage of. This week, there's 30% off the Heavy Rifle, The Contract Weapon Finishes, and all ammo and body armour, as well as 25% off the Coil Stun Gun and Coil Compact EMP Launcher.

Prime Gaming members have another chance to scoop GTA$100K just for playing anytime this week, as always, and that's your lot. You can get in on all of the latest Grand Theft Auto discounts and bonuses now until 9th March.

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