Slitterhead Q&A Part Two Talks Gameplay, Story, Creature Design, and More

Slitterhead Q&A Part Two Talks Gameplay, Story, Creature Design, and More

Richard Walker

Develoepr Bokeh Game Studio has released the second instalment of its Slitterhead Q&A video series, following part one last week, which revealed the studio's first project will be an action and horror affair, aimed at a broader audience.

The game will also feature a narrative from multiple perspectives, including that of Alex, the guy with the motorcycle helmet and ability to summon a blood sword, shown in the debut trailer. In the second Q&A, Creative Director, CEO and Silent Hill alum Keiichiro Toyama, CTO and Game Director Junya Okura, and COO and Producer Kazunobu Sato talk influences, and how they're aiming to make Slitterhead as accessible as possible.

Explaining that he wants to make something that is “fun” and feels “new”, Toyama states that this is one of the challenges he's aiming to tackle with Slitterhead [as transcribed by Gematsu]. “It’s aimed at players who are not necessarily core fans of the horror genre, I want young players to be able to experience that as well,” he says. “I keep in mind to make a game that is accessible.”

As for creature design, Toyama counts insects and aquatic creatures among his influences, their “strong collective aspect” being something that interests him. The game will also be built using Unreal Engine, and won't adopt an open world structure. As for the location, 1990s Hong Kong is mentioned as a touchstone, although it'll be in Slitterhead under a fictional name.

You can find out more about the bizarre-looking Slitterhead in the latest Q&A video below. Platforms and a release window for Slitterhead still aren't forthcoming, however.

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