WWE 2K22's New Team-Building 'MyFaction' Mode Detailed

WWE 2K22's New Team-Building 'MyFaction' Mode Detailed

Richard Walker

2K has offered some details on the new “franchise-first” MyFaction for WWE 2K22, a team-building mode in which you can collect, manage, and upgrade a dream team of WWE Superstars and Legends. Your goal is to create your ultimate four-person faction, using managers and side plates to boost performance.

Logos, Wallpapers, and Nameplates can also be used to customise your faction, as you look to rival iconic groups like nWo, D-Generation X, and Evolution. You can even draft your favourite grappling ‘Powerhouse’ into your faction, enlisting the likes of Big E or Rhea Ripley, or you can acquire a ‘Striker’, like Shinsuke Nakamura.

Once you've assembled your faction, you can then pit it against others in Faction Wars, across WWE 2K22's Proving Grounds, Weekly Towers, or daily challenges. You can also use different in-game currencies to unlock content, including MyFaction Points, earned during matches and challenges for card packs and contracts; and MyFaction Tokens to unlock WWE Superstar and Legend cards, also earned via matches and challenges.

Virtual Currency, meanwhile, can be purchased with real money, and then used purely on MyFaction card packs, boxes, and contracts. Anything available for VC can be unlocked in-game using MyFaction Points, so parting with actual cash isn't necessary. MyFaction is also an online single-player only experience, so no player gains an edge by purchasing cards using VC. Unless they get Edge as a card. Badumtish.

Certain MyFaction modes, like Weekly Towers and Faction Wars will also offer additional limited-time rewards, refreshed each month with new themed card packs. Before long, you'll have enough cards in your collection to build your own unstoppable legion of Superstars and Legends.

MyFaction will be available in WWE 2K22 when it launches on 11th March. You can also play from 8th March if you buy the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition or nWo 4-Life Digital Edition.

  • Lol game come out in a week and still no achiements posted.
  • i want to unedited full matches just to see if the glitches have been ironed out
  • @shaneshayes - That's not uncommon. 2K20's achievements were released just two days before the game came out. 2K19, four days before. 2K18, five days before.
  • Here's the trophy list


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