GTA Owner Take-Two Halts New Game Sales and Installations in Russia and Belarus

GTA Owner Take-Two Halts New Game Sales and Installations in Russia and Belarus

Matt Lorrigan

Two-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, 2K, and Private Division, has announced that it has suspended support for its games in Russia and Belarus, in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“We have watched recent events unfold in Ukraine with concern and sadness,” said Take-Two's Alan Lewis in a statement to “After significant consideration, last week, we decided to stop new sales, installations, and marketing support across all our labels in Russia and Belarus at this time.”

Take-Two is the latest company to pull support from Russia, as well as its ally Belarus, following the likes of Microsoft and EA. It could be the most significant, however, as reports that GTA V is the third most popular game in Russia, only behind Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Other video game companies, such as Embracer Group and 11 Bit Studios, have been donating money towards humanitarian causes in aid of Ukraine.

  • I'm a little surprised to see Take-Two get on board with this.
  • Me too. But every company that joins is absolutely welcome!

    I wonder how they manage the "stop" of installations technically...
  • Remember when we treated the Japanese citizens bad during ww2?
  • it requires a server request when you try and download a game. Something easily denied when a IP is determined to be from russia.
  • I have never treated the Japanese citizens badly during WW2.
    Have you?
  • @41inuyasha Call me when they start interning Russian-Americans in the US like FDR did to Japanese-Americans. Hell, I'll even lower the bar for you, call me when they just start locking up any Russians in cages like ICE recently did to anyone south of the US border.
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