Dying Light is Getting an Xbox Series X|S Update

Dying Light is Getting an Xbox Series X|S Update

Matt Lorrigan

Dying Light 2 Stay Human may have only released last month, but the original Dying Light game is still getting some love, with a next-gen update arriving soon.

The next-gen update has launched on PlayStation today, and is coming to Xbox “in just a few days” according to Techland. This update adds new graphics options when Dying Light is played on Xbox Series X|S, with modes that prioritise frame rate, resolution, or a balance in-between.

Not only that, but with Dying Light never getting any Xbox One X enhancements, this update will also boost the game on Microsoft's more powerful Xbox One. You can check out the full details down below.

Xbox Series X

  • Performance mode now gets you 60 FPS in Full HD resolution
  • Balanced mode targets 60 FPS in QHD resolution
  • High-Resolution mode offers 30 FPS in 4K

Xbox Series S + Xbox One X

  • Performance mode offers 30 FPS in full HD resolution
  • High-resolution mode targets 30 FPS in Quad HD resolution

Dying Light is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

  • Yet the series S is more than capable of handling 1080/60 with ease.. Yet they still be holding it back.. And would rather push for better graphics than smoother gameplay.. Yet the majority of Series S owners would prefer smoother gameplay over nicer looking, but jaggy gameplay.
  • Took them long enough. Every time I’ve booted up the game on the series x, it looks so blurry and fuzzy, the FOV is so narrow and that 30fps limit puts me off. I can’t see why they can’t do 4k/60, but I suppose it’s an ageing game, on an older version of the engine, just legacy code being update for newer hardware, and that there’s only so much they can do.
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