March's Xbox Update Adds Quick Resume Pinning and Share Button Remapping

March's Xbox Update Adds Quick Resume Pinning and Share Button Remapping

Matt Lorrigan

Microsoft has detailed the March Xbox Update, and there's some cool stuff coming to Xbox consoles soon.

The new Pin To Quick Resume feature is the headline addition in the March Update, allowing players on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to select up to two games which you don't to drop out of Quick Resume. Previously, if you played enough games, older Quick Resumed titles would fall out of rotation, but pinned games won't leave their Quick Resume state unless manually removed, or following a mandatory update to that game.


The second major feature of this update allows players to remap the share button on the Xbox Wireless Controller to perform a wider array of actions, such as mute TV, open friends list, open achievements, and others. There's also new Wireless Xbox Controller firmware available, which will “deliver performance improvements to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers”.


Finally, the new Audio Setup Wizard is available, allowing players to set up, test, and verify your HDMI audio format, as well as testing your speakers connected to the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, and configure “the best possible settings” for your setup.

  • Wish i could turn quick resume off. Its absolutely shit.. Especially to online games
  • I mean, and maybe it's somehow not obvious to you, but you could just choose not to use it, Dean? I Quit every game when I'm done playing and never use the feature. On the other hand, I have a buddy with 2m+ Gamerscore and he swears by it. Each to their own, I guess?
  • To call Quick Resume ‘absolutely shit’ is a bit of a stretch, I think it’s really fucking impressive
  • Still waiting to hide achievement lists with more than zero gamerscore. Even up to 100g would be amazing. Hate looking at games with low gamerscore because I tried it and didn’t like it.
  • @41 - That doesn't bother me much but I think it would be nice to have the option to remove games and their related gamerscore from your profile. I could finally remove Pimp My Ride for example. Maybe let us remove up to 5 a year, to begin with, and make them re-earnable, of course!
  • @Dirty to games pike forza 5 and fifa its a nightmare, Also game with any online integration and it just sends back to the main menu anyway. Quicker to load up and load in tbf
  • I'm still waiting for them to add more filtering options.

    How is it that there's no Horror filter or demos?

    The filter system needs a major overhaul and the shop needs a tagging system.
  • Quick Resume - great when it works as it should but sucks when it doesn’t work, I’ve had Far Cry 6 never work where I had to hard reset my Xbox and I’ve had a game stay in Quick Resume for 2 months before playing again
  • Quick Resume is one of the most 'next-gen' things about the new consoles. It works very, very well for smaller offline games. I've had a handful of BC games in the QR pool for months, and it even persists through hard resets which is awesome.

    It doesn't work well with online games, and never will. It's writing RAM to storage and reloading it on-demand, but online games require realtime connections, which will expire and you'll need to re-authenticate etc. It's not really a shortcoming of QR, but an inherent limitation of online gaming.

    It does make you realise how many SP games have online functionality though. Being kicked to the menu in Ghost Recon for losing network connectivity sucks.
  • @Dean - Okay, so it doesn't work well with 2 of the games you play. That doesn't mean it's "absolutely shit".
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