Exoprimal Announced as New Capcom IP, Looks Like Strange Spiritual Successor to Dino Crisis

Exoprimal Announced as New Capcom IP, Looks Like Strange Spiritual Successor to Dino Crisis

Richard Walker

Capcom has just announced Exoprimal this evening, and it looks like a strange spiritual successor to Dino Crisis, with a pink-haired character who closely resembles that game's protagonist, Regina.

While its connection to Dino Crisis hasn't been confirmed or even alluded to as yet, Exoprimal features a colossal swarm of prehistoric beasties, who've poured into a city via a blackhole. As such, you'll play as an armoured operative, tasked with fighting back the dino onslaught.

In short, it looks like an action-packed co-op shooter affair, in which you take to an urban battleground to blast a load of dinosaurs. It ain't Dino Crisis, then, but it's something. Sort of. Exoprimal is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2023.

  • Oh, shit! That does look like Regina! Hopefully, the nude cheat actually works in this upcoming game! I remember trying for ages as a silly kid thinking it was real.

    Please Lord, please give us a new Dino Crisis game!
  • Fans “give us a new Dino Crisis game”. Capcom “nah”
  • This looks like some unholy combination of Earth Defense Force and Lost Planet, that I would be skeptical about if anyone other than Capcom was in charge of it.
  • Ohhh ok so this is basically the futuristic urban version of second extinction... Not upset but not happy either, but this could lead to Dino Crisis Remastered.
  • Oh yay a live service game *probably*. How about Anthem but with dinosaurs? This looks like a hard pass for me.
  • @Situation - Really feels like that. Dino Crisis 2 done like RE2R would satisfy me through and through!
  • Why did you delete my comment? I simply said that I don't need another co-op shooter - just like some others said too.

    This is ridiculous.
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