Gamescom Returns as a Hybrid Physical Event in 2022

Gamescom Returns as a Hybrid Physical Event in 2022

Matt Lorrigan

Gamescom is returning as a physical event for the first time since 2019, the organiser has announced, with a focus on a physical/digital hybrid approach.

The world's biggest video game convention is returning to the Cologne exhibition halls from 24th August until 28th August later this year, with new regulations to ensure a high level of safety, such as improved admission management, digital queue management, extra wide aisles, or limited ticket allotments.

Gamescom this year is also focused on “going green”, with the event planned to be carbon neutral over the medium and long term. Opening Night Live will be returning, as well as cosplay areas, retro areas, entertainment areas, and business areas.

“All gamescom fans and partners have been waiting for this for two years: gamescom is finally returning to the Cologne exhibition halls, and thus also the unique festival feeling we had all been missing so much,” said managing director Felix Falk. “This year we are combining the best of both worlds: our extensive digital program with the incomparable gamescom experience on-site.” 

“In the process, gamescom is also once again setting new standards in 2022, for example, in matters of sustainability: with our 'gamescom goes green' initiative, we will make gamescom a special and climate-friendly event together with visitors and exhibitors. We thus want to not only be a lighthouse for the many initiatives for environmental protection and climate action in the international games industry, but also a pioneer for international events in general.”

Gamescom continued on during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic as a newly digital event, with a last-minute digital event organised in 2020, and a more well-planned all-digital event in 2021.

  • Cant wait to see games announced that dont release until 7 years later, Or when they do release, They only release half the game with coop pushed back 1 year and releases with a full microtrans list.

    Elden ring has saved my gaming experience.
  • That's modern gaming.

    It's sad on many levels I'm more hyped for remasters and ports of older games than new counterparts just because it's a damn coin toss on whether I'll be satisfied with the new stuff based on the absence of key components.

    Feels like everything is Battlefront 2015 now. Modern concepts of 15 year old products.
  • You lot need to play things outside of AAA.

    There's a whole heap of amazing stuff releasing all the time that isn't striped with the modern commercial trappings like MTs.
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