Latest GTA Online Update Has Bonuses in Store For Next Week's Xbox Series X|S Launch

Latest GTA Online Update Has Bonuses in Store For Next Week's Xbox Series X|S Launch

Richard Walker

Rockstar has revealed the latest crop of bonuses for Grand Theft Auto Online, as the upcoming enhanced versions of both GTA V and GTA Online prepare to launch for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 next week. As such, the current bonuses, events, and rewards will run for two weeks.

This includes 2x GTA$ in Lamar and Franklin's Short Trips, available to launch from the Smoking Room of Record A Studios, or the Jobs menu. Completing a Short Trip will also reward you with a nice GTA$100K lump sum, as well as the Black SA Fitted Cap. Hunting Pack (Remix) also has double the usual GTA$ and RP on offer, while winning a single round will unlock the Trade Price for the Declasse Scramjet at Warstock Cache & Carry.

Pilots can enjoy triple rewards in all Air Races for the next couple of weeks, too, alongside 2x GTA$ and RP in Flight School Activities. On top of all that, Smuggler Sell Missions have triple payouts on GTA$ and RP when delivering precious cargo, and Hangars and their Upgrades are 40% off, in addition to discounts on selected aircraft through 23rd March.

The Buckingham Alpha-Z1, Sea Sparrow, and Nagasaki Ultrabright are all 40% off, whereas the Mammoth Tula, JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater, and Western Seabreeze are 30% off. Also, the Mammoth Hydra can be yours for 15% off the usual asking price. If it's more grounded vehicles you seek, then there's ample opportunity to acquire some of those as well.

Hit up the LS Car Meet, and the Pfister Comet C2 Cabrio could be yours as the latest Prize Ride, available to win when beating Pursuit Races five days in a row. On the Test Track, you can take the Bravado Buffalo STX, Declasse Tulip, and Benefactor Schlagen GT for a spin, then purchase the former two vehicles at a 25% and 30% discount, respectively. There's 30% off the Grotti Cheetah Classic, too.

Over at The Diamond Casino & Resort, the sleek √úbermacht Zion Classic is the latest star prize on the podium with a spin of the Lucky Wheel, and the Record A Studios has 30% off all exclusive merch and clothing from its gift shop, available upon completing Dr. Dre's VIP Contract. And, as ever, Prime Gaming members can get GTA$100K just for logging in and playing.

All of the latest GTA Online bonuses are live now until 23rd March, meaning you'll also be able to access them in the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 version of Grand Theft Auto Online when it launches on 15th March.

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