For Honor Cross-Play is Rolling Out From Next Week

For Honor Cross-Play is Rolling Out From Next Week

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that cross-play support will soon be coming to For Honor, the first of two phases due to roll out alongside the beginning of Year 6 Season 1: Golden Age next week, across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

“Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time,” the developer writes in a blog post. “There have been many technical challenges to bring Crossplay to For Honor because the core technical game components were not originally designed to support it. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we are now proud to bring Crossplay to our Warriors. We believe Crossplay will benefit For Honor and its long-term vision.”

Phase 1 of For Honor cross-play will be available for PvP and PvE matchmaking, bringing together three player pools from Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, into a single player pool. As such, matchmaking times will be improved, and the online multiplayer in For Honor should be better overall. Skill ratings will also be reset to create balanced matchmaking.

After a few matches, your personal skill rating will be re-calibrated. As for in-game voice chat, this will be disabled when playing via cross-play, “due to technical constraints”. Ubisoft does have plans to reintroduce voice chat for cross-play “at a later date”, although PC users will have text chat and console users will have access to quick text options.

For Honor cross-play will be heading to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC from 17th March, available for Campaign Mode, Training Mode, Custom Match, Arcade Mode, and Rank Mode. Phase 2 (still in development and without a date) will then look to expand to group play with cross-platform friends and other players. You can also disable and opt-out of cross-play via the Settings menu under the ‘Online’ option.

  • For a game that launched with P2P lobbies, this feels like a big step, even if it feels years too late.
  • Neat. I own it on Xbox but haven't touched it since before the whole "seasons" trend started in games. Might load it up for some PvE if it's done right.
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