Xbox Series X|S Energy Saver Sleep Mode Recommended By Microsoft as it Outlines Sustainability Targets for 2030

Xbox Series X|S Energy Saver Sleep Mode Recommended By Microsoft as it Outlines Sustainability Targets for 2030

Richard Walker

Microsoft has outlined how it's aiming to become carbon negative, water positive, and producing zero waste by 2030, as part of its sustainability goals, which also includes an update to Xbox Series X|S consoles that has so far passed us by.

Chances are, it might have passed you by, too, when it rolled out last year, but there's a new Energy Saver sleep mode available on Xbox Series X|S, which enables you to put your console into Standby mode, while still downloading system and game updates. This setting apparently consumes around “20 times less power” than the previous standard Standby mode. On new consoles, Energy Saver mode is now set as the default.

The company's sustainability efforts will also extend to all Microsoft product packaaging being fully recyclable in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries by 2030, while Xbox Series X|S consoles have been assessed as being 97% recyclable in OECD countries. Xbox gift cards have also been switched from plastic to cardboard, reducing annual plastic use by 500,000 kg.

You can find out more about Microsoft's sustainability aims in its sustainability hub here, or on the Xbox Wire. Now, I'm off to change my Xbox Series X's power settings.

  • Hasn't this been available since the start of Series X/S? Or is this something else?

    I have two options, standby and energy saving. I thought the second one is the same as doing a 'full shutdown' via the options menu. Did I misunderstood that?
  • @SanguinDies - I think previously, Energy Saver mode would shut down the console, so system and game updates would be disabled. The new(ish) Energy Saver sleep mode powers down the console more, but still allows for updates to be downloaded in the background.
  • I've always set mine to power save mode unless I've had a big or multiple games to download personally
  • who cares about energy anyway dude.
  • Lol, you will when you have to start paying your own electricity bill.
  • i used to keep xbox one and xsx in standby mode because i thought pc streaming required it (remote features are disabled in energy saver) but i guess that only counts when streaming to a phone or something because it is still working for me. I just got a $600 electric bill last week, so i hope it goes down a little next month.
  • When Snake saw his electricity bill:

  • Oh. Look. More climate alarmism.
  • Oh. Look. Another climate change denier.
  • Oh. Look. SanguinDies announcing he can't think for himself. Bold.
  • Oh. Look. Neo1138 showing he is as smart as Mr Trump. Bolder.
  • I like how "think for yourself" in some people's view means "unilaterally reject overwhelming scientific consenus in favour of, a youtube vid or something"
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