Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Are Out Today For Xbox Series X|S

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Are Out Today For Xbox Series X|S

Richard Walker

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have launched for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 today, offering the opportunity to return to Los Santos and its rural outskirts of Blaine County, with a range of improvements, upgrades, and enhancements.

On new-gen consoles, GTA V and GTA Online has three graphics modes to choose from, with support for 4K resolution, 60fps, HDR options, ray tracing, improved texture quality, and more - you can check out our comparison below for a look at all that. You can also enjoy much faster loading times, spatial audio, and exclusive vehicle mods at Hao's Special Works.

From today, you can get HSW upgrades and mods for the Übermacht Sentinel XS, Shitzu Hakuchou Drag, Grotti Turismo Classic, and Bravado Banshee, as well as exclusive Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5-only vehicles the Coil Cyclone II, Karin S95, Imponte Arbiter GT, Pfister Astron Custom, and the Pegassi Weaponized Ignus. 

Returning players from the Xbox One and PS4 versions can also claim a free, fully HSW upgraded Karin S95, upon unlocking Hao's Special Works, alongside the Dark Purple Pearl and Red Prismatic Pearl Chameleon Paints for all HSW-eligible vehicles. You can then take your fully-loaded HSW ride into a new HSW Race Series competition.

Additionally, you can take Hao's Premium Test Ride vehicles for a spin at the LS Car Meet, with a different vehicle rotated in each week, starting with the Bravado Banshee. Newcomers to GTA Online can also get a headstart via the new Career Builder, enabling you to choose your path as either an Executive, Gunrunner, Nightclub Owner, or Biker.

Streamlined menus, all 40 existing GTA Online updates and content, the ability to migrate your old save data (although Rockstar is currently looking into issues with this), and various balancing updates are also included with the new version. You can also purchase GTA Online standalone, if you like.

Both Grand Theft Auto V (with GTA Online) and GTA Online standalone are out today for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, with a discounted 50% off price available until 14th June 2022. Check out the launch trailer below.

  • And they can fuck all the way off
  • ^^ +1
  • Nope
  • It's bullshit that Xbox players have to pay, but PS players get the upgrade for free. Absolutely fuck off, R*
  • I agree with every single comment above and then some!
  • R*, always popular with their fans! I love how they can go against the grain and still make m/billions. It's annoying as much as it is impressive.
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