Sniper Elite 5 Release Date Announced in a New Trailer Full of Guns and Nazis

Sniper Elite 5 Release Date Announced in a New Trailer Full of Guns and Nazis

Matt Lorrigan

Sniper Elite 5 has received a bombastic new trailer, alongside the announcement of a May release date.

The new trailer, which you can check out for yourself down below, gives us a taste of the story of Sniper Elite 5, as well as the characters you'll meet along the way. You'll play as Karl Fairburne, an elite marksman who uncovers Operation Kraken, a secret Nazi plot which could turn the tide of the war. Your job is to thwart this plot, gathering intelligence, and putting a stop to Obergruppenführer Abelard Möller, the mastermind behind Operation Kraken.

Rebellion has also announced Sniper Elite 5 players who pre-order the game will get access to the latest mission in the fan-favourite Target Führer campaign, titled Wolf Mountain. In Sniper Elite 5, this will see players attempting to infiltrate Adolf Hitler's private mountain retreat in the Alps, with heavily armed personal guards to content with, as well as collectibles to hunt. And obviously, most importantly, you'll be tasked with taking out Hitler in the most creative way possible.

Sniper Elite 5 launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on 26th May 2022.

  • Always keen on a new SE game!
  • It’s the same old adage, have a problem with it, no one is forcing you to buy it. Simple. I for one am a big supporter of Rebellion and will gladly welcome any content they release, especially for my favorite series, Sniper Elite.
  • I don't know.. A good game that keeps releasing DLC that's fun to knock out quickly with your group? I struggle to fault that. I don't get too tied up in the number of achievements released with a DLC either. The ZA4 DLC story missions did feel never-ending but I got a kick out of the horde maps. I enjoyed Sniper Elite 4 more than Metal Gear Solid V so I have zero doubts that I'll enjoy SE5. Best of all? It launches on Game Pass so dislike Rebellion all you want, you can play it without having to pay full price for it.
  • While @blakgravy's point is true in that no one is forced to buy anything, I do somewhat see @blue n gold's point about a publisher's crappy practices that take advantage of the customer as not being a good thing, even if the choice is not to buy said game.

    I've played Sniper Elite, but not ZA4 or Ride, but the whole, parcel everything out in over-priced fragments are the similar shitty practices you see pulled with a game like, Mortal Kombat. The base game is sold for $60, which comes with 25 characters, a campaign, and other various elements, but a character pack of six characters only is $20? Or worse, a character pack of three characters only is $15? It couldn't be any more obvious what the publisher is doing here.

    Again, no one says you have to buy it, but it still doesn't make it any less shitty, especially when the ones that do purchase the game are essentially enabling the publishers to conduct themselves in that manner. And yes, we all know, most games we can just play on GamePass, but not everyone has GamePass.

    I always just wait a few years until you can find an all encompassing edition deeply discounted in a sale, and I'll probably do the same here.
  • Uh huh..

    "I just can't do it anymore with rebellion."

    "I like Rebellion"

    Blue thought he was indecisive but now he's unsure.

    What a goose!
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