Ubisoft's XDefiant Drops the Tom Clancy Name

Ubisoft's XDefiant Drops the Tom Clancy Name

Matt Lorrigan

XDefiant, Ubisoft's previously-announced free-to-play shooter, is dropping the Tom Clancy branding from its name, Ubisoft has announced.

When the game was first announced last summer, it was known as Tom Clancy's XDefiant, and would include factions from across the shared Tom Clancy universe, including Splinter Cell's Echelon, The Division's Cleaners, and Ghost Recon's Wolves. Now, however, Ubisoft has revealed that XDefiant will also be including factions from outside the Tom Clancy universe, and as such, the game's name will now just be XDefiant.

The announcement was made as a small footnote within a bigger announcement for XDefiant Insider Sessions, which will see chosen players testing the game online against the developers on PC.

“Additionally, you'll be introduced to Factions from games outside of the Tom Clancy universe,” Ubisoft confirmed within the news post. “With these changes, the game will now be known as XDefiant.”

So it seems that those Tom Clancy factions will be joined by a faction or two from other franchises. Perhaps Ubisoft is looking at add more crossovers from titles like Far Cry or Watch Dogs? We'll have to wait a little to find out.

XDefiant is due to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

  • Good, cause there's nothing Tom Clancy about this game. Still, doesn't change the fact that this game looks crap and I won't go anywhere near it.
  • Super Tom Clancy's Football Trading Card Manager Plus Alpha.
  • @Dirty130, What... no deluxe, ultimate, gold, or silver editions?
  • They'll come later, down the track :P
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