Netflix's Live Action Resident Evil Series Gets a Release Date

Netflix's Live Action Resident Evil Series Gets a Release Date

Matt Lorrigan

The live-action Resident Evil series will begin streaming on 14th July 2022, Netflix has announced.

The series, which will focus on Albert Wesker's children, will take place in New Raccoon City, and will expand upon Resident Evil's existing universe and “deepen the existing mythology”. Capcom has been quite liberal when licensing out the Resident Evil license in recent years, with a live-action film, and CGI Netflix series both releasing last year.

We've not seen too much of the series as of yet, outside of a brief teaser showing off a live-action zombie pooch. But we do know a lot of the principle cast, which include Lance Reddick, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Nuñez. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a proper trailer.

  • There will never be a good Live Action Resident Evil EVER!!! Why keep trying so foolish
  • Do yourselves a favour and don't read the replies to that tweet, yeesh
  • Happy to see them still trying to make a zombie apocalypse work on screen.
  • Like the recent live-action, I expect this to be terrible and will lap up every moment of it!
  • It can't possibly be worse than the movie that came out last year. Easily one of the worst game-to-movie adaptations I've ever seen.
  • @The OG T800

    All the Resi live actions were pretty terrible lol. The ones Directed by Anderson just kept getting wackier and wackier
  • You saw the Super Mario Brothers movie, right?
  • Ew. I'll pass.
  • @TigerII Yeah, they were wacky, but they were wacky and enjoyable for the most part.

    The one from last year, though? Yeesh, it truly had no redeeming qualities

    @Dirty I have, and I would absolutely consider that a better movie than Welcome to Raccoon City
  • The only thing they got right, and the only redeemable quality about the movie last year was the set pieces. Specifically the mansion and police station. The most frustrating thing for me was almost the entire cast has had great performances in other movies / tv shows but was given the worst reinterpretation of the franchise ever conceived. This Netflix show seems to have all the markings of something far, far worse than that movie.
  • More cash please
  • nice cast, not one single actor looks like anything from the RE universe.

    Why even call it RE?
  • If you thought the other resident evil
    Movies and super Mario Brothers were enjoyable, then your judgement on movies and proximity to small children can never be trusted…
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