Ubisoft Scalar Cloud Development Tech Announced, Aims to Create 'Limitless, Dynamic, Persistent Worlds for Players'

Ubisoft Scalar Cloud Development Tech Announced, Aims to Create 'Limitless, Dynamic, Persistent Worlds for Players'

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has today announced “a new cloud-native technology” for game development named ‘Ubisoft Scalar’. The tech “unlocks the power and flexibility of cloud computing for Ubisoft’s game engines”, simultaneously reducing the limitations imposed by player hardware, while “providing new possibilities for game development and player experience.”

Development on Ubisoft Scalar has been headed up by Ubisoft Stockholm, in collaboration with Ubisoft Massive in Malmö, and Ubisoft RedLynx in Helsinki, as well as studios in Bucharest, and Kyiv. The cloud tech is platform agnostic, and establishes a new game dev framework focused upon “crafting the ideal game design and experience, rather than working around traditional production constraints.”

Using Ubisoft Scalar, games can leverage a “virtually infinite amount of computing power”, enabling developers to push the envelope as far as possible across all aspects of a project, running massive virtual worlds, deep simulations, and environments previously thought to be impossible. New features could also be added to a game without the need for patches to download, downtime for maintenance, or interruption to play sessions.

"This is a major moment in our careers as game developers," said Technical Director Christian Holmqvist. “We feel that same inspiration and freedom as when we first started using our home computers as teenagers - that feeling that you can do anything by fully tapping into the power of cloud, for the first time in gaming.”

The upshot is that Ubisoft Scalar will allow for “limitless, dynamic, persistent worlds for players”, according to the announcement, while “removing historical frictions between creativity and technology,” to let “creators fully focus on game design to offer radically new gaming experiences to players.” New forms of emergent gameplay, shared virtual environments for massive social experiences, are also mooted as possible using Ubisoft Scalar technology.

  • Ubisoft will find a way to fuck it up somehow, or make it so heavily monetised that it'll become redundant.
  • Hey Ubisoft, listen, the last thing we need is your games to be bigger, because you’ll just pad them full of even more pointless collectibles in lieu of good, meaningful gameplay. So how about you work on making your games less tiresome before thinking about making them bigger?
  • Also includes micro transactions, loot boxes and NFT’s
  • @TCD, I was thinking the same thing... It just means they'll make bigger, more empty worlds with even more rinse/repeat collectathons, fetch quests, and bitch-work.
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