Avoid the April Showers with the Return of the Gamerscore League, Sign Ups Open Now!

Avoid the April Showers with the Return of the Gamerscore League, Sign Ups Open Now!

XBA Staff

Easter. Eggs. The dawn of spring. And rain - well, especially rain if you’re British! Those are just some of the things that we associate the month of April with. Well, this year, avoid the April showers and get your grind on as the return of the Gamerscore League commences this April. And you can sign-up today!

Dubbed the ‘Dynamic Duos’, April’s version of our long-standing Gamerscore League will have you and a partner competing against duos all over the world in a quest to score as much Gamerscore as humanly possible before the month of April is over. Whether that’s smashing through some quick completions or unlocking as many Elden Ring achievements as you can, that’s entirely up to you, all you need to do is unlock as much Gamerscore as possible. Remember, folks, it’s a month-long marathon, not a sprint!

Not only do participants get to unlock really cool custom forum awards if they win - or finish in the top 3 - but we also have games to give away (winner’s choice) to not just the winners of the competition, but to two random participants as well who score over 5,000 Gamerscore in the month of April.

Head on over to the official Gamerscore League announcement thread in the forums for all the rules, the sign-up thread link, as well as competition requirements and a thread to find teammates to get involved with. It’s either that, or heading outside and getting wet… we know which sounds like more fun!

Sign-up, get involved, have fun. It’s as simple as that. 

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