Tekken is the Latest Video Game Franchise to Get a Netflix Anime Series

Tekken is the Latest Video Game Franchise to Get a Netflix Anime Series

Matt Lorrigan

Netflix has announced Tekken: Bloodline, a new Netflix anime series based on the Tekken fighting game franchise.

The series looks to follow Jin Kazama, the main protagonist in the majority of modern Tekken games, as he seeks to avenge the death of his mother by a monstrous evil. In seeking ultimate power, Jin will meet his grandfather, Heihachi, and eventually, take part in the ultimate battle - The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The announcement of Tekken: Bloodline sees Netflix adding yet another video game franchise to its successful collection of animated series. These include the critically acclaimed Castlevania and Arcane: League of Legends series, as well as adaptations of Dragon's Dogma and DOTA.

Tekken: Bloodline is coming to Netflix some time in 2022, and you can watch the first trailer for it down below.

  • And here I am, still waiting for the Devil May Cry anime they announced YEARS ago at this point.
  • The did that short 12 episode series of DMC years ago. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with the games.
  • @DJ Yeah, but that series is from over a decade ago lol. I'm talking about the one Netflix announced after Castlevania S2 released.
  • So this will be an alternate tale from the sort of all over the place story of the games?
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