Dying Light's Xbox Series X|S Update is Now Available

Dying Light's Xbox Series X|S Update is Now Available

Matt Lorrigan

Dying Light's next-gen update has finally made its way to Xbox, Techland has announced.

First announced earlier this month, the next-gen update for the original Dying Light game arrived on PlayStation, but was releasing “in a few days” on Xbox. Well, thirteen days later, it's finally here, offering not only Xbox Series X|S improvements, but some late Xbox One X enhancements too. You can check out the details below.

Xbox Series X

  • Performance Mode - 1080p / 60FPS
  • Balanced Mode - 1440p / 60FPS
  • Quality Mode - 4K / 30FPS

Xbox Series S / Xbox One X

  • Performance Mode - 1080p / 30FPS
  • Quality Mode - 1440p / 30FPS

It's a bit disappointing to see a game from 2015 not able to hit 60FPS on the Xbox Series S, but this update should still mean a better experience for those returning to the original Dying Light on more modern Xbox consoles.

  • It is disappointing to see it not being a full 4k at 60fps, especially considering the age of the game, but I would assume that maybe the version of the Chrome engine used in the game is so archaic that it just wouldn’t be worth the time and money required. Perhaps it would have been better to port the game and re-master it on their latest engine, but then that probably wouldn’t have gone down well either.

    As a free upgrade, likely made solely to introduce people who missed it the first time around who have newer hardware, and maybe get them to buy the sequel, it’s fine. As long as it runs smoothly and doesn’t look like a blurry mess any more, I’m fine with it.
  • Wait, didn't Dying Light have FPS boost to 60 for XSX? Why is it only 4A Games has been the only developer that has made a true 4k 60fps RT game on Xbox Series X and PS5?
  • So, what's the difference between performance and balance beyond the resolution?

    I presume some graphical reductions must have been made, otherwise they'd just have balance and quality, right?
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