Fortnite Raises $36 Million For Ukraine on the First Day of its Two Week Fundraiser

Fortnite Raises $36 Million For Ukraine on the First Day of its Two Week Fundraiser

Matt Lorrigan

Epic Games has revealed that it managed to raise $36 million in humanitarian relief funds to support Ukraine, through Fortnite, in a single day.

Over the weekend, Epic launched Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3, removing building from the game and making other gameplay changes. More importantly, however, the video game company also committed to donating all proceeds from Fortnite for two weeks towards Ukraine, following Russia's invasion.

So, for two weeks, all the money Epic Games makes from Fortnite, will be donated towards humanitarian support. For a game as big as Fortnite, that's a lot of money, especially at the launch of the new season. With $36 million raised within the very first day of this initiative, there should be a hell of a lot of money going towards helping the Ukrainian people once the two weeks are over.

For more details about how Epic Games is donating the money, you can read the company's official blog post here.

  • No wonder publishers prefer these kinds of games compared to story-driven single-player campaigns, considering how much money you can make (also in comparison to development costs, which I assume to be a lot lower).
  • @LordBunny, the thing is so many publishers try to get in on this racket, and where these games practically act like another job, there's only so much free time people have to commit to a number of games, so most of the pubs that attempt this, fail, whether it's immediately or within a year or two. And yet, sadly, it still doesn't stop them from trying and trying.

    I personally can't stand these types of games, but whatever floats your boat to those that do like them.

  • Wait, they removed building from Fortnite? Is that temporary or permanent?
  • @Dirty130 - temporary, although if it's well received it could become a permanent mode
  • Right on. Building is easily my least favourite thing in Fortnite. I haven't played in forever. Can you switch shoulders while ADS yet?
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