Ex-Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson Teases AAA Multi-Platform Game Set in an 'All-New Sci-Fi Universe'

Ex-Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson Teases AAA Multi-Platform Game Set in an 'All-New Sci-Fi Universe'

Richard Walker

Humanoid Studios, the developer founded last year by former BioWare General Manager and Mass Effect alum Casey Hudson, has confirmed that it's working on a multi-platform AAA project, set within an “all-new science-fiction universe”.

Apparently, the game - which has yet to be given a title - will focus on delivering a “character-driven narrative”, while adhering to the studio's core tenet of creating “magical interactive storytelling”. That's according to Humanoid Studios' official website, which (as spotted by VGC) has been recently updated.

The site also features a few pieces of eye-catching concept art, which is presumably taken from the studio's debut project, seeing as it's distinctly sci-fi in flavour. The concept art includes an astronaut explorer discovering the colossal skull of an alien beastie on a snowy planet surface, a verdant mountainous region with a river split into two by a huge white structure, a cocktail bar suspended in orbit above a ringed planet, and two astronauts crrying out some sort of mission on a rocky planet.

Humanoid Studios has its base in Canada, with offices in British Colombia and Alberta, with Hudson joined by fellow former BioWare devs including Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Dragon Age Inquisition Producer Melanie Faulknor. The studio also counts former Turn 10 Forza Art Director Izaak Moody among its ranks. Presently, Humanoid is staffing up for its new sci-fi game, so it'll be some time before we get any concrete details on the project, which sounds a lot like Mass Effect, it must be said.

Meanwhile, BioWare is currently at work on another Mass Effect game, teased back in November.

  • Bring it on! Even if it is not Mass Effect, a game of a similar ilk by people that worked on, and know what makes Mass Effect tick, is very welcome indeed...
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