DIRT and DiRT Rally Could Be Nixed in Favour of WRC Game Under New 'EA Sports Rally' Label in 2023

DIRT and DiRT Rally Could Be Nixed in Favour of WRC Game Under New 'EA Sports Rally' Label in 2023

Richard Walker

Codemasters' flagship DIRT series could be due to get the boot, as owners EA have rebranded the developer's official DIRT Twitter account as ‘EA Sports Rally’, in the wake of rumours that the next game in the series could be a WRC title rather than the abandoned DiRT Rally 3.0.

According to a report on Exputer (via Metro) from insider Tom Henderson, anonymous sources state that Codemasters' next rally game will be an official World Rally Championship affair, suggesting that KT Racing and Nacon might also no longer be making WRC games from 2023, following the release of WRC 10 in September.

Assurances had been offered by Codemasters that its DIRT series would continue, following a legacy that stems from the launch of Colin McRae Rally back in 1998, but should the studio's focus shift to WRC, under the EA Sports Rally label, then that may no longer be the case. DiRT Rally 2.0 might be the last DiRT Rally title.

With plans for a DiRT Rally 3.0 seemingly cancelled, sources claim that Codemasters is now focusing solely on F1 and GRID (the most recent entry of which, GRID Legends, released last month), alongside WRC, expected to launch in 2023, despite supposed development troubles following departures from the studio's QA department.

Codemasters acquired the WRC licence back in July 2020, with a five-year deal enabling the studio to release licensed rally titles between 2023-2027. Expect EA Sports Rally WRC sometime next year, then? This seems like a fairly safe bet. Until then, may we recommend the excellent DIRT 5 once again?

  • And so begins EA’s inevitable cannibalism of Codemasters.
  • @TCD, Exactly... EA's favorite tactic in an attempt to stay on top. Absorb the competition and let them fade into oblivion through a series of poor decisions.
  • Well done, EA!

    Over my life, I think I've seen you eat up almost every car racing series except Forza. So stoked to see you make another good series just vanish. I'd truly applaud this business tactic if you'd release a worthwhile NFS game every two years but you've proven time and time again that you can't make a decent racer anymore.
  • @blue n Gold, one's taste in games is always subjective, so what might not be entertaining to you, can be entertaining to others, which isn't wrong just because you don't like it. Although I do agree to a point in that I wish Dirt never dabbled in the Gymkhana stuff, but the Dirt games were still just simple fun to play.

    Also, while you're saying we're being hipster to bag on EA, you forget that EA re-branded the Dirt series to be EA Sports Rally, cancelled Dirt 3.0, and have Codemasters predominantly focusing on F1 and Grid. So it's not like we're talking out of both ends here when you can see what's at play, which as stated previously, is a common thing for EA to do.

    Perhaps you're not familiar with the number of competitors EA has acquired over the years that no longer exist. Look at those companies and their success before EA, and what they put out through EA's order before closing their doors. Or look at the current branches of companies still around under EA's order that release failed games now.

    Isn't it funny how games that don't have EA's hand in its decision-making end up successes aka, Apex Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or old Battlefield compared to new Battlefield. Or how about the decision to make Dragon Age 4 a live service game, which was reversed after Bioware's failed Anthem, a game that was totally out of Bioware's wheelhouse, but EA had them do it anyway.

    There's enough history to prove EA is not all that great, and often make bad decisions, so when we apply that trend to current circumstances, we're going off of past, proven experiences. There's a reason why so many dislike EA, and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with wanting to look cool. The same could be said of Activision and Ubisoft.

    And yes, anyone who tries to defend against those speaking ill of "Famous Company XYZ", using the tired old excuse of you just bag on "Famous Company XYZ" because it's the cool thing to do, does so because they like that company, even though they would argue that they don't.
  • @TheLastAntidote But but but… why look at their track record when you can just insult people?

    For real, you’d think Bullfrog Productions, Pandemic Studios, Mythic Entertainment, Black Box games, Visceral games, Westwood Studios, Origin Systems, Dreamworks Interactive, Maxis and god knows who else would be evidence enough of their shitty behaviour, and after BF 2042 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DICE could be on the chopping block next. But nope, it’s just easier to call people “drama queens” when people don’t want to see even more great studios behind incredible games just get chewed up and spat out.
  • You're either a "fanboy" or "drama queen" when it comes to the often misinformed Blue. No one is going to call you an "EA fanboy" here because we're not 12-years old.

    As for the "Gymkhana crap", I prefer the older Colin McRae games over the flashing lights and in-your-face feel of the new games but I'm also not so resistant to change. I played the last Dirt game with 3 other buddies and we all thought it was a great experience. Though, I'll chalk some of that up to it being on Game Pass.
  • Lol, it makes sense now and explains your complete lack of knowledge in the industry.
  • I don't have to answer you or your long-ass posts. You said you're 13 and now reckon you've been gaming longer than me? Good one.. I was basing that on stuff YOU'VE said. You forget what you've typed before you even finish your post. lol.
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