Battlefield Developer Has Reportedly Learned "Valuable Lessons" from Battlefield 2042

Battlefield Developer Has Reportedly Learned "Valuable Lessons" from Battlefield 2042

Matt Lorrigan

The relative failure of Battlefield 2042 among fans will see developer DICE making changes in the next Battlefield game, according to a report from journalist Tom Henderson via Xfire.

EA publicly admitted that Battlefield 2042 didn't meet expectations last month, and according to Henderson's inside source, the developer and publisher have learnt “valuable lessons” to take into the next game.

“I think we'll be reverting a lot of the changes we made in Battlefield 2042,” the source said. Henderson speculates that the changes referred to include the increased player count of 128 introduced in Battlefield 2042, as well as the replacement of classes with “specialists”, which was widely criticised.

Apparently the original plans for the next Battlefield game were going to expand upon the specialists system, moving into the “hero shooter” genre, but the negative feedback to Battlefield 2042 may have halted these plans. Changes to specialists could still arrive in Battlefield 2042, and give us a better idea of what to expect in the next game, which will reportedly have a modern or near-future setting.

Henderson's report says that a large number of staff at DICE have already begun work on the next Battlefield game, as is often standard in the industry, with a dedicated team remaining to work on Battlefield 2042.

  • Make the next game Bad Company 3. What's the worst that could happen?
  • Lesson that was learned

    Listen to gamers, they know what they really want.

    Bad Company 3
  • We told you what we wanted before you sold is half a game for £70. I hope nobody trusts you again.. Games should not be released in this mannor anymore.. I hate EA and everything they stand for
  • Hopefully, when the next BF game has a demo, and people play the demo, and see how godawful the demo is, they wont say "Oh it's just a demo the final game will be better"
  • I'd love a Bad Company 3 with the same over the top humor in the single player. 2042 is not as bad as the internet claims. I like the Specialists. 128 player count is just crazy and you die often. But I like it. I like options.
    It's hard to say who really wanted the changes the devs or EA. As a creative person I understand that you can't continue to make the same exact thing either. That's boring.

    Maybe DICE could limit what gear the specialists can carry to bring them back in line with classes. Maybe Mackay can't use a sniper rifle. Hell I'd love a mode without snipers. They rarely attack the objective when I play. Battlefield as a whole has problems that aren't all the devs fault.

    I think so many gamers want to be a youtuber / streamer and that look at me mentality hurts the type of game Battlefield is, a team-based game. Too many gamers are out for the kills, the glory. Very few spot, heal vehicles, shoot down tanks. Look at the posted videos for BF2042, So many think they are a sniper gods.
    Still a fun game in it's current state. I play it quite often even by myself. It's a blast with buddies. Playing as a squad rocks.
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