Apex Legends Getting New Arenas Map and Return of Control Mode in Upcoming 'Warriors Collection' Event

Apex Legends Getting New Arenas Map and Return of Control Mode in Upcoming 'Warriors Collection' Event

Richard Walker

EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have revealed that next week will see new content coming to Apex Legends: Defiance (the game's Season 12), with the upcoming ‘Warriors Collection Event’ due to add a new Arenas map, limited-time cosmetic items, a Crypto Heirloom, the return of the 9v9 Control mode, and more besides.

Control will be available for two weeks from the beginning of the Warriors Collection Event, with the addition of ‘The Caustic Treatment’ on Kings Canyon, transforming the area into a three-point battleground, with additional cover, ziplines, skydive launchers, and a hover tank, as you do battle for control over Olympus, Storm point, and Kings Canyon.

The new Arenas map, codenamed ‘Drop-Off’, looms over the Malta skyline at the fully-automated Hammond Manufacturing Tower, with battles unfolding amid the smog. The forthcoming event will also introduce 24 themed cosmetic items for a limited period, including the ‘Synthetic Huntress’ Skin for Ash, ‘Riding Dirty’ Octane Skin, ‘Jewel Olympus’ Skin for Horizon, and ‘Combat Survivalist’ Skin for Lifeline, and others.

The Warriors Collection Event will be coming to Apex Legends on 29th March, running until 12th April with each week boasting its own rewards track, and a stretch challenge that rewards four unique badges upon completion. Find out more in the trailer below, and in the latest blog post, which also includes patch notes, here.

  • No updates on what they're going to do about the audio bugs that happen randomly. Why am I not surprised?
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