Turbo Golf Racing Looks Like Rocket League Meets Golf, Coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022

Turbo Golf Racing Looks Like Rocket League Meets Golf, Coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022

Matt Lorrigan

Indie developer Hugecalf Studios has announced Turbo Golf Racing, a new game that basically looks like Rocket League, but with golf instead of football.

The game, which will be launching on Xbox Game Pass later this year, sees up to eight players competing online in a speedy, arcade-style round of golf, in which everyone takes their turn at once. Driving a turbo-charged car, you'll jump, flip, and dash through fairways, attempting to be the first to get your oversized golf ball to the hole. 

Players will also be able to equip their car with Power Cores, giving them special abilities such as Rolls and Ground Stomps, to get the edge on the competition. You can get involved in the Spring Beta for Turbo Golf Racing via the Xbox Insider Program.

“Turbo Golf Racing is the game we’ve always dreamed of making,” says producer Jonny Hughes. “We’re incredibly proud of Turbo Golf Racing and our plans for its future, and cannot wait for players to experience it first-hand when the Beta launches this Spring.”

The game looks pretty impressive and polished, and quite honestly, we're surprised “Rocket League meets golf” hasn't been done sooner. You can check out the announcement trailer down below.

Turbo Golf Racing is launching on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass, as well as PC, later in 2022.

  • What is "gold with football" ;)
  • @Blue n Gold Eel - the cars are racing to get their ball to the hole first. Not a traditional racing game for sure, but I don't think the name is wrong, per se
  • I’m in. I love rocket league I can get behind this
  • Yea, definitely has a fun RL vibe to it. I'll check it out when it hits Game Pass.
  • Every match of RL starts with a race for the ball.
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