Last Call: Last Chance to Sign-up for Next Week's Gamerscore League!

Last Call: Last Chance to Sign-up for Next Week's Gamerscore League!

XBA Staff

Roll up! Roll up! It's last call, folks, for 2022's first Gamerscore League, which we posted about last weekend.

Kicking off next Friday (one week today), on April 1st (this is no joke!), 2022's debut Gamerscore League is sure to be a right doozy! It's going to be a whole lot of fun! There's prizes to be won too! It's going to be a real fun house - kudos to anyone who gets that not so obvious reference!

Anyway! Dodgy 90s references aside, with the competition kicking off next Friday that does mean that you don't have long left to sign-up and register your interest. Time's a ticking, folks! So consider this the last call for entrants!

There's a good reason to sign-up too. There are in fact prizes to be won - and not just those who get super competitive and want to win it outright either. As we said last week:

Not only do participants get to unlock really cool custom forum awards if they win - or finish in the top 3 - but we also have games to give away (winner’s choice) to not just the winners of the competition, but to two random participants as well who score over 5,000 Gamerscore in the month of April.

Hit the forums, specifically the official Gamerscore League announcement thread for all the rules and relevant links. We've got 10 sets of duos already signed-up, but there's still time to sign-up and make your mark! Good luck, folks, and have a great weekend!

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