ID@Xbox Has Generated Over $2.5 Billion For Indie Developers

[email protected] Has Generated Over $2.5 Billion For Indie Developers

Matt Lorrigan

Microsoft has announced that its [email protected] program has generated over $2.5 billion for indie developers since it launched eight years ago.

The [email protected] program was first announced at gamescom 2013, and gave independent developers access Xbox One dev kits, as well as additional support, such as free access to Unity, in order to allow full self-publishing for indie devs. The first wave of [email protected] indie games launched in early 2014, including games like Super Time Force and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition.

“The results have exceeded our wildest dreams,” says [email protected] boss Chris Charla. “Since the program’s inception, independent developers have earned more than $2.5 billion in royalties and total revenue generated by [email protected] partners on Xbox almost doubled over the last three years. These are staggering numbers, and it speaks to the power of independent developers.”

Microsoft has also paid indie developers “hundreds of millions of dollars” in Xbox Game Pass license fees, as well, and there are apparently over 4,600 developers across 94 countries that have (or will) launched games through [email protected] since its inception.

“Nine years ago, we made a promise to independent developers that we’d work as hard as we could on their behalf, because we knew Xbox players would be stoked to support their work,” said Charla. “We don’t by any means consider that promise fulfilled, because we see our work as an ongoing commitment from Xbox to independent developers.”

“But through [email protected], the launch of [email protected], our work with Game Pass and beyond to help developers bring their games to Xbox, and with the community response to the amazing games we’re seeing come to the platform, we feel we’re making progress in the right direction.”

  • Good business for MS too I’d imagine. Sure that they’d take a percentage for that for hosting a platform and then they can have first dibs on buying up anybody who starts to show promise and then rinse them out longer term.
  • Played plenty of great titles through that program.
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