Dead Cells' Free 'Break the Bank' Update Out Now With Untold Riches To Be Had

Dead Cells' Free 'Break the Bank' Update Out Now With Untold Riches To Be Had

Richard Walker

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that metroidvania roguelike Dead Cells has received another free update, ‘Break the Bank’ adding a new optional subterranean biome, fittingly called ‘The Bank’. Following ‘The Queen & The Sea’, the game's third paid DLC released in January, Break the Bank sees you racking up increased amounts of loot.

Of course, that extra coin and loot comes at a price, as there will be hordes of foes in your path, including three new enemy types. You'll have plenty of gold-related weapons to spend your cash on, too, while The Bank and its treasures are unlocked upon reaching The Hand of the King, at which point they'll appear randomly in transition rooms.

Those new enemy types, meanwhile, include the gold-snatching Agitated Pickpocket, the Gold Gorger, and the Gold Kamikaze bat, which drops loads of coin upon being defeated. New weapons include the Gold Digger, which gives gold on hits and grants critical hits if you're “filthy rich”; the Dagger of Cupidity, which unleashes crits for three seconds after collecting gold; and the Money Shooter, which fires your precious gold at enemies.

Two new Bank outfits with new mutations are also included, with the Midas' Blood giving you gold whenever you lose health, Gold Plating that causes you to lose gold but not health when hit, and the Get Rich Quick outfit comes with the ability to stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost, then cashing it in when said boost ends.

“This update marks the beginning of a new era for Dead Cells,” said Evil Empire CEO Steve Filby. “We have an array of content and ideas we are still creating on our side and it’s important to us to reassure fans who maybe thought after the last paid DLC that we were winding down on development. That is not the case, and we consider Update 28 still in the middle of the game’s lifecycle so there’s certainly more to come.”

Break the Bank is available now as a free update for Dead Cells, and also enables you to take out loans at the start of a run, then pay it back at the end, failing to do so resulting in a forfeit. Quality of Life enhancements have also been added, like items dropped following a boss fight now having a +1 item level, making boss battles more rewarding. You can check out Dead Cells: Break the Bank in the trailer below.

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