Xbox Game Pass is Reportedly Adding a Family Plan Feature

Xbox Game Pass is Reportedly Adding a Family Plan Feature

Matt Lorrigan

Microsoft is planning to introduce a family plan for Xbox Game Pass, according to a report from Windows Central.

According to the report, Microsoft has been planning an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan for a while now, but details surrounding royalties and third-party licenses had slowed things down. Now, however, Windows Central's sources have said that Microsoft is now moving forward with the family plan, which could launch this year.

The report says that the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan would cost more than a regular Game Pass subscription, but would allow up to five players to access Xbox Game Pass, and would be significantly cheaper than paying for five separate Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. This would appear to work in a similar way to Nintendo Switch Online.

This report comes shortly after PlayStation announced its new PlayStation Plus tiered subscription, as a somewhat asymmetrical competitor to Game Pass, although PlayStation doesn't offer a family plan of its own.

  • That playstation one is ass I was fine with paying for just Playstation Now once a year now they robbing and forcing players to pay the 18 dollar sub so outlandish
  • Whatever it is, I'm sure it's still better than what PlayStation is offering.
  • I have 2 daughters and a wife that play games, well my wife plays sometimes with us. We pay for two Gamepass Ultimates, I get them when they are on sale. I’d love it if it’s cheaper or close to the same price. Whoever I doubt I’d give it on sale as the family plan.
  • If you gameshare it shares Ultimate
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