Battlefield 2042 Map Improvements Detailed Following Fan Feedback

Battlefield 2042 Map Improvements Detailed Following Fan Feedback

Matt Lorrigan

EA and DICE have outlined the next steps for improving Battlefield 2042's map design, after gathering fan feedback.

Four weeks ago, the Battlefield 2042 team requested player feedback related to map design in the latest Battlefield game. Since then, thousands of comments have been collected, from the official forums, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and more.

The areas that the developer was looking to address were traversal, intensity, line of sight, paths, and cover, and now DICE has offered some details on the work it is doing to improve these areas.

With traversal, the time on foot between Base Spawns and Flags will be reduced, with these areas moved closer together. Vehicle distribution across maps is looking to be changed too, to reduce the amount of time players spend on foot.

More cover and line-of-sight blockers are planned to be added on maps like Renewal and Kaleidoscope, with terrain raised as well to block line-of-sight. As for intensity, in order to reduce the chaotic nature of 128-player modes, especially around objectives, the developer is reducing the number of attack vehicles and helicopters that can be active at any time. Additionally, the cooldown for these vehicles is being doubled. 

Finally, for paths, certain underutilised areas of the maps, such as E1 on Renewal, are being considered for removal, to make it more clear which areas are important.

The first map updates following this feedback are expected to arrive in Battlefield 2042 in the next update, with more coming during Season 1.

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