Sea of Thieves Legends Week is Celebrating One Million Pirate Legends, Starting Today

Sea of Thieves Legends Week is Celebrating One Million Pirate Legends, Starting Today

Matt Lorrigan

Sea of Thieves is running a new Legends Week, starting today, celebrating the one million players who have become Pirate Legends in the game.

Pirate Legends are players who reach the impressive rank 50 with at least three different Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves, and there's loads to do this week in order to help Rare celebrate the milestone. Today is just the announcement, but the rest of the week will see stats released, a sneak preview at upcoming content, in-game activities with double gold and reputation, and more. You can read the full schedule (courtesy of Xbox Wire) down below.

  • April 5
    • We’ll be serving up some piping hot stats on the Pirate Legend experience. Ever wondered how many Legends have maxed out Athena’s Fortune, or how many Voyages players might have to complete to hit Legendary status? Jump into these significant stats on the official Sea of Thieves website and SoT social channels.
  • April 6
    • Join Sea of Thieves Partner HitboTC as he starts a journey from swabbie to Legend live on Sea of Thieves TV! Legends Week showcases the first episode of a seven-part weekly series, streamed live on the official Sea of Thieves Twitch channel and the official Xbox Twitch channel, and later available on demand on HitboTC’s YouTube channel.
  • April 7
    • Enjoy an exclusive video insight into the upcoming Legend of the Veil Voyage, a brand new replayable experience for Pirate Legends. This Voyage is set to deliver new map types and some memorable setpieces, so check Sea of Thieves on YouTube on this day to see what awaits our Legends a little later in Season Six.
  • April 8
    • In-game activities kick off for Pirate Legends, offering double gold and reputation for items handed in to the Mysterious Stranger over the weekend. As an extra incentive, some treasure items also provide Athena’s Fortune reputation when they usually wouldn’t!
  • April 9
    • We spotlight some Legendary activities on the Sea of Thieves website, with inspiring Pirate Legend feats in the Community Hub and our inaugural Legendary Spotlight – a new type of player profile to sit alongside our regular Community and Creator Spotlights.
  • April 10
    • The festivities expand to all pirates, with a one-day Gold & Glory multiplier offering boosts to gold, reputation and Renown – plus free Athena’s Fortune Fireworks from the Merchant Alliance, and extra bonuses for all pirates generous enough to gift treasure to other players on this day!
  • April 11
    • The third and final day for Pirate Legends to log in and receive a Silvered Legendary Eyepatch, available from Friday April 8 to Monday April 11 (10am BST). This is also the final day of a special weekend sale in the Pirate Emporium – be sure to check that out for savings on ship sets, emotes and pet outfits, including some only available to Legends!
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